SPECIAL NOTE: As of June 1st, 2019, I am taking a temporary hiatus from readings. I will post an update here when I am ready to start booking readings again.


Hello, and welcome! My name is Jacquelyn, and I am a relative newcomer to the world of intuitive services. Although I’ve had intuitive abilities my entire life, I didn’t start to consciously work to develop them until two years ago.

What I do is connect to Spirit, either Spirit Guides, Angelic Beings or Master Teachers in Spirit. I receive their messages, interpret them, and pass them along to the sitter. Your spirit guides and angels offer life-enhancing insights and advice because they love you, know you better than anyone, and want you to be happy.

I also work with my own guides to access information on past lives and find out how certain lives may be affecting your current one, or any insights they hold that will help you understand and navigate obstacles keeping you from living your best life.

You may have found me through my posts on Reddit, or perhaps you just stumbled across this page accidentally. Although, we know there really are no accidents! You found me here because your higher self or your spirit guides sent you here. Perhaps you’re having some trouble making the right choices in life, or perhaps you feel like you need some insight into your current situation. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Is this is really all there is?” “What is my life purpose?” “Have I lived past lives?”

Well, I would love to help you answer those questions. Or, I should say, your spirit guides would love to help you! They’ve been with you through it all, supporting you, loving you, waiting for you to connect with them so they can offer you their wisdom. They want you to live your best life, true to your life’s purpose, and you’re here because they nudged you here. They have something they want you to know, and they’ve lead you to me in the hope that I’ll be able to act as a channel for their messages to you.

Ready to receive your reading?

First, please visit my Types of Readings page by clicking this link to find out which type of reading you’d prefer.

Then please contact me through this blog or via email at Intuit444@gmx.com to check my availability. Tell me what type of reading you’d like and any questions you may have. Once you have received my reply as to my availability to do the reading, please make payment in full via the PayPal link at the right of this page. Once payment is made, I will put you on my schedule. Paid readings will receive priority, but I will try to get to all requests in a  timely manner. I am still doing free readings, but they will be shorter, general readings.

I connect best with a face pic and a first name. Though I can work without a face picture, seeing the eyes especially, helps me to get a stronger connection and better accuracy. You can email me your name and face picture at the Intuit444@gmx.com address.


I offer Free readings – one per client, please – that consist of a shorter, general message for you from spirit. In this type of reading, I let your spirit guides send you whatever message they feel you need to hear at this time, but it is not as detailed as a full spirit guide reading. It will consist of 1 or 2 paragraphs, and I will completely leave it up to your guides to choose the topic. Many people choose this option as their first reading from me before deciding if they would like a full, paid reading.    

For the full readings, I have set the payment amounts as follows:

**Please do not send payment until you have first contacted me about my availability.

One specific question of your choice….$10

A General Reading….$25

Past Life Reading…..$25

Aura Checkup (Includes Removal of any Spirit Attachment)…..$25

Long-Distance House Energy Checkup (Includes Clearing of any Ghosts)…..$25

In-Person Home Clearing….. $50/hr, plus mileage

Spirit Guide Reading…..$50

I am also willing to try to connect with a specific loved one who has passed. Please contact me if you’re interested in that type of reading and I’ll give you the specifics. I do get a lot of contact from spirits who want me to connect with their loved ones. Unfortunately, many times names don’t come through clearly and I have no idea who their loved ones might be. I’m considering putting a page up here with some of those messages in the hope that somehow the right person will see the message meant for them.

I will do my best to provide you with a meaningful reading that resonates with you and provides you with valuable insight into your life and issues you may be experiencing.

So, if you have a question, please connect with me here or by email and ask. Hopefully your guides can offer you the right insights to help you live your best life!

Wishing you peace, happiness and many blessings!