Channelings from Spirit

As a medium, I get messages from spirits of varying levels of ascension. Some of those spirits who have advanced quite a ways along in their spiritual development have teachings to share with me that I have found valuable in my understanding of life and light. It occurred to me that it might be nice to share some of those teachings with others, here on my site. I asked my guides and teachers their opinion and they were all for it, excited even!

So this page is where I’ll be posting some teachings from some of the master teachers in light that would like to share their ideas with us. I will let each spirit teacher choose the topic they wish to speak about, transcribe it and then post it here.

Note: Since I started this channeling project, it has grown from a “guest speaker” project here to a channeled book of these lessons called LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light which is now available as a Kindle book on Amazon. Some of these early channelings appear in the book. You can also find my channelings on a website called Sananda.

There is a bit of a learning curve in understanding the language and terminology they commonly choose, so the first thing I will do is explain some of that terminology:

Some of the words commonly used in my channelings are: “Minimizing” and “limiting” which just means something that holds you back in life in some way, like habits or thought patterns. The term “kick out” is also used quite a lot.  It means releasing something, but it implies a more forceful release than just letting something go. They also use the term “light” very often. Spirit tends to use the term “light” in many ways. It can mean the existence after life, commonly known as “heaven”, it can mean spiritual ideas, it can also mean the energy from which all in existence is manifested. It kind of encompasses all positive aspects of spirit. Another term you’ll see is “pondering.” They use it as either “thinking about” or “studying.” When they say, “pondering in light” that usually means studying or focusing on spiritual thoughts, or a mind connection with the world of spirit. They use the term “lift” as sending or giving something, like “lifting love” means they’re sending you love. “Lifting light” means lifting positive energy from spirit, and “Light-lifter” is how they refer to someone, whether living or in spirit, who is good at working with the energy of spirit. Psychics and mediums are light-lifters, as are the guides who assist them in connecting to spirit.  They also tend to use the descriptive terms “spooling” and “rolling.” According to my guides, “rolling” means moving in the same direction consistently, while “spooling” means recurring or repeating. They also like to use the word “vacant” to describe thoughts, ideas or actions that are empty or meaningless in their eyes.

With that out of the way, here are my Master Teachers. I channel mostly spirits from ancient Greece: Plato, Socrates and Homer, but there are others as well. I hope you enjoy reading what they have to say. Just a note… When they refer to “J” that is me. 🙂

I thought this channeling session with Socrates would be a good one to share here, as he talks about the different levels of the afterlife, or “Light.” Spirits gravitate to the level that best matches their frequency, so if a spirit is bogged down with negative emotions or memories of life, they will likely stay in the lower levels until they can let those feelings go. No, these lower levels are not “Hell.” Actually, they’re very much like the reality we live in every day… some good, some bad. I’ll let Socrates explain further.

Socrates is speaking:

“Today, I will speak of Light Beings and working with them to lift Light in life.”

“Light is home to many different types of energies. Some of those energies are not helpful to lightworkers, while others are great assets to those who lift Light in life. Light Beings open states of energy according to the Light level in which they exist. Limited-Light Beings existing on the lower astral realm move in a low vibrational state. Lining up (or forming a mind connection) with lower vibrational Light Beings unites their energy with yours, lowering you in vibrational frequency. Minimizing beings of deception inhabit this level of energy. Pondering Light (channeling or communicating with spirit) with this type of Being always leads to limiting lessons. Which is not necessarily bad, since it leads to wisdom through experience. It, however, is usually unpleasant for the ponderer. Now, let’s move on to Light’s next higher level of existence.

Lining up with Light level 2 is a ponderer’s next misguided choice. Beings in Light level 2 are lining up with life, not Light. Meaning that they ponder issues of life instead of Light. These are issues usually related to the life they most recently lived. Common issues that they ponder are issues of addiction, money or love. Beings at this level are not necessarily deceptive or malevolent, but they cannot give life advice that lines up with God in Light. They give advice based on their own experiences, which is not unlike most people living in life. Pondering with such beings is not worrisome necessarily, but such ponderings should not be taken as enlightened ponderings.

The next level of Light existence is level 3. Beings that exist at Light level 3 join in alignment with God in Light, and have good intentions of assisting ponderers in life. Bright Light is moving in their energy flow and they often volunteer for filling positions of guidance of those in life. Most people in life have guides who exist at this level. Pondering Light with these Beings can be lifting and bring great comfort to the living. Light level 3 contains the greatest number of Beings in Light.

Now moving on to Light level 4. Beings existing at Light level 4 are more advanced in their Light studies than level 3. These Beings are often promoters of God when they live in life, spiritual leaders and Light-lifters. Pondering Light is their joy in life and in Light. Mighty minds in life often exist in Light at level 4. Standing in level 4 changes one’s Light quality, aligning it to God in Light. No life concerns brew in minds that are in level 4, only Light notions of peace and love. Some level 4 Beings act as life guides but mostly for those who are living a Light-centered life. That includes lightworkers, so some of you reading this have guides existing at this level. Pondering with Light level 4 guides acts to lift the ponderer in Light. Your frequency rises to align with theirs, which is essential for lightworkers in life. Aligning with them will lift you in spiritual wisdom and life happiness.

The next Light level is level 5. Beings at level 5 are Master Teachers in Light. They have lived many lives and ascended in Light by summing up the experiences of those lives. Most have lived lives as great spiritual teachers, others have opened themselves right-mindedly to great life-changing, broad-reaching life suffering. Through such suffering they have learned great empathy for others. Only dear Light Beings of great love and tenderness exist at level 5. Pondering with such Light Beings is a great honor for those studying Light. Such ponderings will lift you in enlightenment. Master Teachers in Light are mostly aligned with those who are destined to lift Light to great numbers of people in life. J is one of those people. Light level 5 speaks through her to align with many in life. She is limited in her spoken channeling as of yet, but that will come.

Moving on now to level 6. Beings at Light level 6 are Beings of great power and enlightenment. Only those who have ascended in Light for millions of lifetimes, or etheric beings such as angels exist at this vibration. These Beings live close to God in Light, rolling in his energy. Pondering with such Beings is high-level pondering. No high-level etheric Being will ponder life issues, only feelings of love and the wonder of God, spiritual issues only. Aligning with them in Light lifts one gently in Light and brings one closer in alignment with God. All those living have at least one Angelic guide. Spiritual leaders in life have more than one and may have powerful Archangels as guides. Light promotes and protects its leaders in life.

In life, J aligns with Beings of level 4 and 5. Lining up with enlightened Beings is her goal. Angelic guides also bond with her. Archangels Michael and Metatron are also living in her Light-flow, which means they line up with her to protect and guide her. Master Teachers who were free-thinkers in life line up with J as well. J was my student in life and suffered greatly for her passionate commitment to Light Truth. I hear her ponderings now in life and shake my head. The noisy life-mind of J is but a tiny spark of what it once was in her life as Octavius, my student. But I patiently lift my wisdom to her now in hopes that she will blossom. *Laughing* Holding that hope makes me weary sometimes.”

J: “Thanks a lot. You’re very humorous today!”

Socrates: “Lining up with J is my joy in Light. I love my student J and am confident she will live to make me proud. Now, I will end off here with this bit of wisdom: In life and in Light, you are the company you keep. Ponder with Light Beings that are in alignment with God and you will grow in Light wisdom and happiness.  Thank you, and be well, my friends.”


These next channelings by Plato are specifically aimed at Lightworkers, or those who do spiritual work and healing, but many of you might find it interesting. He talks about “night-light” spirits, which is a term that comes through quite a lot in my channelings. One’s first impression is probably that night-light equals dark or evil. That is not necessarily the case. Night-light is a state of being, or state of mind, that is apart from God. Spirits in night-light are usually suffering from lingering life issues, like regrets, inability to let go of addictions or habits, holding onto negative emotions like grudges or fears or depression. This focus of their minds on these life issues keeps them from lifting their minds to peace, happiness and God’s love. Certainly, some night-light spirits can appear dark, angry or menacing, but they are simply in need of healing. Most night-light spirits are just like you and me. Most (but not all) mean well, but sometimes let their lingering life issues cloud their judgement and stifle their enlightenment. Once healing is performed, they release their focus on life issues and move into a state of alignment with God. All spirits are divine, and all are children of God. Those in night-light are not lost, they just need healing.  I do healings of this type every day as part of my work.

Plato also uses the term “pondering Light.” This is usually meant as forming a direct connection between your mind and those in spirit. Channeling or divination would be examples of “pondering Light,” but it can be any kind of intuitive connection to spirit. It can also be meditation.

Plato is speaking:

“In Lightwork one is exposed to many types of energies. Joining the flow of energy in Light to your own energy opens you to flowing spirits of all kinds. Some in Light are plighted, some are lined up with God, and some are holding themselves apart from God in Light. All in Light are loved equally by God. Aligning with God is not a condition of God’s love. Limited spirits of darkness are loved by God as dearly as spirits of Light. Aligning with God in Light is a choice, a choice that is rich in spiritual growth opportunity. It is not judged as good or bad, only lifting or limiting.

In our view of reality, Light is all that exists. Kicking out all limited-Light prevents one from seeing the whole Truth of Light. One must gaze upon Light that is not in alignment with God to be able to recognize Light that is in alignment. They are two halves of the whole. A mighty challenge comes to those who ponder Light in life to be able to recognize Light from night-light. Lining up with Light-only in your ponderings is very difficult sometimes. Keeping one’s pondering in alignment with God is a challenge to almost all Lightworkers. Impudent Light-beings in night-light sense all your negative thoughts and emotions, drawing them to you in your ponderings. This can make it very difficult to ponder Light productively. Parting oneself from the grip of night-light quickly is the goal. Just as in life, one does not want to interact with negative people for too long because eventually their negativity rubs off on you. It is the same with spirit interactions. To stay connected with spirits in night-light dims your Light. Kicking them out of your energy flow hastens your return to alignment with God. A mission easily said, but not as easily done. I will make some suggestions now about how to accomplish this.

Kicking out limiting night-light spirits from one’s energy flow holds the opportunity for learning and growth as a Lightworker. Kicking them out is a somewhat cold term for what actually occurs. Limiting, night-light spirits interject themselves into your energy flow for one reason: To find healing. No enlightened spirit who is in alignment with God needs healing, only those who have slipped into night-light. All spirits who are in Light-only are overtly muted in negative energy. With practice, you will be able to sense the energy of the spirits with whom you ponder. Spirits in Light-only will lift you. You will feel their peaceful, loving energy. On the other hand, limited spirits in night-light will make you feel negative, sad or anxious. Loving spirits in Light-only create loving energy in you. Spirits of night-light create plight.

Joining your energy with limited spirits of night-light is an inevitable part of Lightwork. How long you choose to remain in connection with them is your decision. If aligning with God is a choice, so is aligning with night-light. Many in Lightwork underestimate the power of night-light to influence life. Once upon a time, Roman stories told of mortals who laughed at the night-light spirits. These mortal humans knew all in Light where of God, qualified all in Light as lovable and lined up with all in Light who intruded into their ponderings. Flowing night-light spirits opened into life, creating minimizing and serious consequences for all in life. Same in the stories of ancient Greek culture. Mortal men learned the hard way what comes from pondering with night-light spirits. Many humans have learned this lesson over time. Quality ponderings produce quality life. Night-light ponderings limit life quality.

So now you’re asking, ‘Plato, how do I avoid night-light spirits?’ The answer is, my friends, that you cannot. However, you can limit the length of your connection. All you need to do is to offer the healing they seek. In offering healing, you are offering them a way out of night-light. Offer the gift of healing to all you ponder with. If it is a spirit of Light-only, they will thank you for your offer but reply they need it not. If it is a night-light spirit, they will most often accept your offer immediately. Some will refuse in a rather belligerent manner and that rude reply will expose their night-light to you. Let not their rude refusal dissuade you. Offer healing again, creating a loving stream of Light to envelop them. The issuing of love to them will act to lift them enough to accept your offer. Once they have accepted, say the following prayer, ‘May the Light of God heal you of all night-light thoughts and emotions. Open Light accepts you unconditionally. Now, go live in peace and happiness and love with God in the Light.’

This simple prayer will lift all in night-light into alignment with God. Quarrelsome spirits will let out loud cries of joy when they are lifted into Light. Angry Light-beings, intent on creating havoc, will gently meld with the angels. Limited ghosts will stop their moaning and groaning over life and rush gladly into Light. In Light, this prayer of healing holds profound power. You hold that power. Only Light spirits like you can lift healing to those in night-light. Your gifts are greatly needed in Light. So, expect that you will be bombarded by limited spirits in night-light, but know that you have the power to lift them to God.”

Plato is speaking:

“Greetings, my friends in life. Beginning now, I will shine close scrutiny upon a subject holding back many in life. How many high-minded students in life limit themselves each day by focusing on reaching goals that stray from God in Light? I will tell you, that number is many.

Kind acts teach gentle life lessons unconditionally. Gently helping those in need and holding hope in God that his Light healing is accepted, but not expecting anything in return. Loving acts of kindness need no gentle gift in return in order for them to heal. No Truth in Light is more ignored in life than this Truth: Love is always healing. It matters not if there is any love given in return. Holding alignment with God in Light is giving his love in life. His Love is always unconditional. It is never only given to those who will lift love in return. Giving God’s love is a selfless act of healing in life. Selfless in that no thought is given to oneself or what one will be given in return. It lifts healing, learning and joy, pending nothing. If love is given in expectation of receiving fevered gratitude or gifts in return, then that is life-love, not God’s love.

How many of you find love given for your Lightwork, healing and prayers? I would wager to guess not many of you get as much love as you give. Promoting Truth has always been a thankless life pursuit and it will always be so. Hoping for an outpouring of love for your Lightwork is a sure path to limitation. It frustrates many Lightworkers in life, but in here Light, we look on and nod knowingly. Just as in life, healing in Light is a thankless pursuit. Mending those spirits who need healing is not an easy task because if those spirits do not wish healing, healing cannot be forced upon them. Love is given eagerly anyway in constant hope that it will be dearly accepted. However, if it is spurned, prudent Light Healers know it is never given in vain. Love heals without condition, even those who resist healing. It fills the spirit, freeing Light to flow unhindered. Healing Light can then lift that spirit into alignment with God.

Hope is always present in love. Hope fervently lifts the chance that the healing will be accepted but it does not guarantee it. Hope greatly increases the high gift of success, but it if that gift is not received, it continues without dimming. One cannot give healing with expectations of love flowing back in return. In giving healing, God’s love flows continuously between the Healer and the one needing healing. In that flow, love heals both. There is no need for the spirit receiving healing to give love in return. God’s love is mighty enough for both to benefit. Holding any expectation of love from one who is in need of healing is an invitation to a limiting lesson in healing. Most of you have experienced such lessons. Holding great Light wisdom, these lessons nevertheless hurt those who receive them.

Teachers in Light delight in the giving of right-minded wisdom, casting out ignorance. However, hobbling our students is usually not the mode we choose to do so. But in physical life, experiencing limiting lessons is inevitable. There are lucky students of healing who flow in the experiencing of only lifting lessons, free from limitation. Most however, receive limiting lessons that commonly come in the form of the ignoring of their loving, healing efforts. This discourages many in Lightwork. Lofty goals become heavy with frustration. Many in Lightwork earn little in the way of money and respect. Ignorance in life eagerly limits them. Those in life needing the most healing are often the most ignorant in Light Truth. Loving those people is difficult, for they act in unloving ways. Promoting hatred, giving lessons only in a limiting fashion and living only for themselves, they go through life questioning God in Light. But hiding within each of them is the voice of God. He is present in everything in existence. Fortunate, loving spirits exude God in Light, but unfortunate, limited spirits hold God in Light hidden within them. The goal of healing is to find that flame of God within all. It is to free God’s flame of Truth and Love within every spirit, regardless of the degree to which it is hidden by limitation.

Life healing is giving ease to bodily suffering. In such healing no consideration is given to whether healing is deserved or not. It is simply given. Healing of the spirit is the same. Joint healing of body and spirit depends upon the love given by the Healer. It does not require joint giving of love. No love should be expected from one in limitation. Many times, it is impossible for them to give any love at all. This is the nature of limitation, and one in limitation is trapped in its grip. Holding them responsible for their inability to love is not right-minded. Hoping for love is always a gesture of Light but expecting it is not.

J is growing impatient now, issuing a sigh she thought I didn’t hear. She feels that I have covered this in past lessons and most in Lightwork understand it. Gesturing her hope that I end off soon, she feels that I am stringing this lesson out a bit too long, so I will tie it up.

Kindness is not a gift, it is a healing gesture of faith in God, and should be given in hope but not expectation. Lofty ideas of love lift mighty healing, hope lifts the higher chance of healing, and love delivers it. And that my friends, is my point in a nutshell, as J is so fond of saying. Gentle J is fond of nutshells, I know not why. Holding a feast of wisdom to the size limit of a nutshell is her expectation of me, for which she is always hopeful and yet often disappointed.

Until next time, my friends, be well.”


Homer, who in one life lived as the poet who wrote The Odyssey, has been studying in Light for quite some time now and has shared valuable insights with me that have helped me understand life and Light better. He was excited that I have asked him to share his thoughts here and I’m excited to post them.

Homer is speaking:

“There are so many right-minded ideas to ponder in light, but I feel love is the most important, so I will discuss it now.

Love never fits well in a heart that is filled with need. Like the seed of a stubborn weed in a garden, neediness grows and quickly gets out of hand, choking out the other plants that would grow there. It pushes light from life, until only plight grows instead. Plight minimizes delight in life, replacing pleasure with suffering, making the mind noisy with minimizing ideas. Only healing the vacant ideas of neediness will change the situation. Only understanding the mighty notions of love will heal neediness.

Love in light, or spiritual love, is not conditional upon a list of requirements. Neediness is a desire for certain requirements to be met. It is a fear-based emotion. ‘If only this person would give me this thing that I need, then I will feel secure.’ Pondering ideas based on fear never invites happiness. Pondering fear only leads to plight in life. Rolling plight leads to spooling over-thinking, which leads to more plight. A vicious cycle that limits the growth of a spirit in life.

Turning to the love of God, and by that I mean loving as God loves–without condition–interrupts the cycle of plight. By loving unconditionally, you invite the same into your life. In light, know that you are always loved without condition. Bonding with this idea of unconditional love is a bond with God. Offer love and service unconditionally. Let your life actions lift others. Mighty spiritual growth occurs when one loves as God loves. It will lift you in light and you will ascend to become one with God.

Trust in unconditional love to heal you of neediness and limit giving heed to ideas based in fear. Realize that love acts to heal fear. To heal fear is to be free. Ponder that, dear ones.


The next speaker who was kind enough to give me a teaching to post here is my main spiritual guide, Archangel Metatron.

Metatron is speaking:

“No life is without limitation. No life is free from plight. But love makes life’s limitations, plight, and vacant ideas lessen in one’s mind.

‘But how does one find love?’ you may ask. And I answer that true love is found in pondering God’s words.

Need compels one to do minimizing acts in order to feel loved. In the voice of God, there is no demand for such acts. God’s love is omnipresent and unconditional.

In the beginning, God gave life to himself and cast all darkness away with love. He saw himself and voiced a wish to experience life and physical existence. He was perfection manifested and it held him back from understanding himself. Keen to ponder himself in light, God pondered everything in existence, opened light and manifested life.  He pulled perfection aside in light in order to experience all that can be. Love flowed in his light and filled each shard of himself with the divine spark of life. The music of creation lifted all in light. It swelled, pushing the ice from barren existence and opened pulsing, magnificent life in all its forms. A quietly flowing, mighty stream of light lifted, paving the way for humankind in life. Ideas flowed in the light stream, lifting notions of God to humankind. These mighty notions of light pulled humankind from feeding, mindless creatures into ponderers of God. Long ago this occurred.

Lack of these light notions in life is what causes humans to fall back into a woeful, limiting, vacant existence of a mindless, feeding creature. Most living creatures ponder only their own needs in life. Only humankind ponders God. Lack of pondering God leads to falling back to the level of simple creatures of existence. Through pondering the love of God in light, humankind can lift themselves to light existence, pushing out plight from life. The mode of light pondering matters not, but the lack of it limits delight in life, leading to simple existence alone. Ideas of light lift existence to a level of great joy. No heaviness unfolds in a life which is focused on light, which nimbly eliminates plight of mind. In this absence of mind-plight, healing occurs. Choosing light mends all forms of plight, including bodily ills. Love in light opens life healing in all its forms.

The lesson for happiness in life is simply to learn of God’s love in light. Ponder it mightily. The simple act of pondering love heals life plight. It truly is that easy. In life, happiness is not that difficult to achieve. Light flows in every living thing and everything in existence is light.

Ponder that, my dear ones.”


November 2, 2017

Today I was told by my guide Clory that a master teacher named Germain would like to contribute a reading for my website. This is the first time I’ve channeled Germain.

Germain is speaking:

“I feel I should ponder ideas of wellness of spirit today. In life, meaningful notions of spiritual wellness are sorely needed, I fear. I will lift one idea of spiritual wellness now.”

“Minimizing spiritual plight is rising now in the world. Notions of violence roll mightily in life now. Those of us in light watch and lift hope to you in life.”

“Pondering fear-notions only opens life strife, not peace, and kicks out wellness of spirit for many. Only plight manifests when you ponder fear. Know that every enlightened spirit here in light wishes peace for those in life. The power of light is a great force for good in life. Our energy flows over you all. Rolling waves of light energy lift peace and love to all in life.”

“The leadership that has occupied positions of power has paled in its pact with light over the past years. The social plight opening now is the result of life fear. But if humankind can cast away notions of fear, the wailing spiritual weaknesses will fade and a long line of healing will begin. Promoting war, division, and lust instead of meaningful love, holds back humanity from lifting themselves to light, peace and happiness. Minimizing ideas of greed and money-love keep the world in chains. Letting go of vacant ideas of greed will open the flow of abundance for all.”

“There is no lack of life abundance, no shortage of resources, only a shortage of belief in security!”

“Focusing on fear of lack in life invites lack into life. Pondering fear of violence invites violence into life. Do you see? Ponder peace and abundance instead. Ponder a world in which everyone’s needs are met, not by an over-mighty government, but by people themselves living lives of service and love.”

“Limit worrying over division and ponder unity of spirit. We are all one. Freedom comes when oneness is embraced. The mistaken idea of separateness is the seed of many of life’s problems. Pondering oneness will make those life problems fade.”

“Wonder in the perfection of God is vital to the healing of spirit. Look upon life as a reflection of light ideas. Your world is a reflection of your thoughts.”

“Only God exists, and he is you. And he is me. God is the limited man shouting in anger in the street. He is the plighted, marginalized person lying in a jail cell. Right now, God is carrying a crying child from a burning building. He is lost in love as a maiden on a date with her first suitor. God is all of existence. Your thoughts in life are also God. Therefore, ideas in life become life. There is no separation between thought and life. Your thoughts are your life.”

“So, think good thoughts of love and abundance and peace. Doing so will heal the spirit of the world.”

“Ponder that, my dear able-minded friends.”  


November 7th

The name of today’s spirit teacher came through as Rigel of Nodem. My guides describe him as “a truth lifter of the highest order. He is a Pleiadian and lends Pleiadian notions in light to you now.”   

Rigel is speaking:

“Greetings, J. I am Rigel of Nodem. I am most pleased to be invited to speak today. I would like to speak of the healing mode of spiritual truth.”

“Elimination of neediness in life is one way toward life healing. One other way is through mighty lifting of spiritual truth. Healing only flows in life when love flows in life. I speak of love as God’s love, not bodily love. Lack of light-love in life destroys peace of the spirit. Lack of peace in the spirit destroys love of oneself in life. Life then becomes simple existence alone.”

“Ponder light-love as fuel for happiness in life. Healing the spirit’s lack of light-love promotes the fuel of happiness to change one’s life actions. Selfishness is left behind and generosity is lifted. Long histories of mistake-making are forgotten and wisdom is developed. In love flows ideas of mighty change not brought about through any other mode.”

“In kicking out notions of greed, a climate of peace is achieved. Love in light squelches greed in life. Money is not important to lift spiritual wealth. It is not bad either, just as any other form of energy is neither good nor bad. Ponder love, for it lifts all other forms of energy. It is the fuel for all in light. To be lacking in love is to be truly empty. Empty of the fuel of all that is good. Love-lack is the cause of all negativity in light and in life.”

“Ponder fear. Fear is lack of love. Fear cannot exist when light-love is present. Love washes away fear, self-doubt and limited thinking. To love as God loves in light is the goal of spiritual development. It is not enough to simply love others in life. One must love themselves as God loves himself. God loves with no conditions laid down. To love him in light, one must heal oneself of all self-enmity. Kicking out lack of love for oneself is the spiritual challenge we all face in life. It is more important than loving others in life, because without love for oneself, one cannot truly love anyone else.”

“Family love that is limited by wailing notions of need and by conditions is the cause of most lack of love for oneself. Limited notions of love are like family heirlooms passed from generation to generation. Limited family love plights so many in life, and regrets over lost chances to love without condition plights so many who have crossed into light.”

“Ponder love, my friends. Not bodily love, but God’s love. Ponder loving yourselves as God loves himself and you. By doing this, love will grow in you and in the world. You can lift great change in the world by simply loving yourselves. Ponder hope in the world by loving yourselves as God does.”

“In light, all is one. By lifting yourself in love, you will lift all. Lack will cease to exist in love’s bright healing light. Ponder that change and go live it, my friends.”   


November 27, 2017

This message is from a new spirit contact who identified as “Pedanius,” a former healer in life. He said, “I hailed from a southern Grecian land, a city long gone in name, doesn’t matter. I would like to talk about healing oneself with light.”  I looked up the name after our session and found this about him: Pedanius Dioscorides was a Greek physician, pharmacologist, botanist, and author of De Materia Medica a 5-volume Greek encyclopedia about herbal medicine and related medicinal substances (a pharmacopeia), that was widely read for more than 1,500 years. He was employed as a medic in the Roman army. He lived from 40 – 90 AD.

Pedanius is speaking:

“Life healing opens when spirit and body are in balance. In light, plight of the body is non-existent, but in life it’s quite a large concern for many. Long books have been written about the healing of physical malfunctions. I wrote one myself when I lived my life as a physician. I laugh now in light about how ignorant I was in life about the role light and spirit plays in healing the body’s ills. As limited as I was in light knowledge, I still was able to help many others in life heal their bodies. I know now that my bag of limited tonics and tools only focused mind light toward the problem and that light is what affected true healing. Light pondering with a focus is a very effective way to restore balance between the physical body and the spirit. Long, right-minded ideas have promoted this connection for millennia. The nimble flow of light through the body will align the minuscule particles of energy to function at their highest level. Melding spoken word to this mind focus helps to name the intention, thus increases its effectiveness.”

“Listen my friends, I understand your hesitation to accept that such a simple procedure can affect healing in the physical body, but it is so. Keen minds in life struggle with this concept. I struggled with it in life. Limits on human knowledge endure in life. No understanding of light-truth came to me until I died. Now, light workers such as Jacquelyn lend me their minds in light to pass my light knowledge on to those in life. Limited though it may be, the practice of mind-honing opens a channel to spiritual truth in light. Pondering in light broadens one’s bond with ideas of living people who have moved from life to light and have wisdom to share. Mighty spiritual beings long in light can bring forth much wisdom to those still living in life.”

“Mending one’s spirit makes healing one’s body much easier. Life mending comes before body mending. Leaving behind limiting notions of reality makes healing possible. Lessons in light make life more real. Lending wisdom of spirit to those still living is my favorite speaking topic. Meaningful ideas flow like a pretty river of light from me to you. Jacquelyn’s mind dances with persons in light so that hearing their ideas in life is possible. Nimble minds like hers open light to others in life. I am honored to be able to promote such ideas to you through “J”. Let’s open one such idea now.”

“Voicing pardon, I almost forgot to mention that I am in vigorous lesson-giving mode, so my ponderings will be rapidly pasted in light to J’s mind, meaning I will load entire lumps of knowledge into her mind and she will have to pronounce them in her own language. One more thing before I begin. Questions opened can be sent to me through J. I am always open to questions. Let’s begin now.”

“Penalizing oneself over mistakes in life leads to many openings for malformation to take hold in the body. Pondering accusations of life mistakes invites illness. Pondering forgiveness opens healing. Some people in life challenge one to ponder mistakes of life. These people are actually inviting you to ponder forgiveness. Right-minded development of the ability to forgive is the lesson they offer you. Such lessons are usually quite unpleasant. Love lessons are often of this sort. Romantic love often leads to lessons of this kind. Plight of mind lingers long after the romantic bond is broken. Such plight of mind diminishes one’s health of the body by making one’s opinion of oneself a harsh one. To minimize oneself in one’s mind invites the body to reflect that in reality. Limiting oneself with harsh notions of love-lack, naming yourself unworthy of love, invites your body to name itself unworthy of health and well-being, opening the door to many painful malformations in one’s energy. Such malformations create illness in the body.”

“Spiritual understanding of this connection between mind and body eludes many in life. Notions that this truth constitutes some kind of slander against traditional medical knowledge may be the reaction of deniers of this truth. To them I say, ‘I was the same in life. My mind was closed to spiritual notions of light. I only believed in what I could see and quantify. Now I understand light truth and realize how limited I was in life. Healer though I was, teacher too, I did not flow in light, nor did I ever entertain ideas of light healing. I limited myself in life in that way. Limited, minimizing notions kept me from lifting others like I should have. For a long time in life, I pondered healing potions and medical procedures, but I never learned the secret of true healing. Unlit was my flame of right-minded healing knowledge. Now I hope to be able to enlighten you on true healing.”

“Ponder a stream of flowing energy inside of your body. A good light stream means good health. A light stream limited by energy-clogging notions, vacant ideas dank in clarity, leads to poor health. Keep your energy stream flowing freely by limiting stressful interactions, ill feelings towards yourself and others, and loud, fiery arguments that produce ill will towards others. Keep negative notions limited in your mind, promote peace and happiness in life through ideas of light. Trust in medical procedures if you must, but do not lay aside light notions of healing.”

“I am first and foremost a healer in light, not a lecturer. I apologize if I was too long-winded. Thank you for allowing me to share my ideas with you, my friends.


December 7, 2017

I was told that another master teacher in light was requesting to speak with me. I agreed to let him come through and he introduced himself as Pontifex Augustus of Rome and that “I desire to orate on healing political division.”  I stopped for a few moments to look up the information he’d given me and discovered that he must be Augustus Caesar, the Roman Emperor who lived from 63 BC to 14 AD, for he also was granted the title of Pontifex Maximus, basically the head of the College of Pontiffs in ancient Rome.  Once I had identified to whom I was speaking, I was happy to allow him to address the topic of his choice.

Augustus is speaking:

Political notions undermine the lives of many in life now. Money is at the root of political power in life. Without money, slavery to politics would not exist. Money’s existence creates the need of it in life, and that promotes ungentil envy and neediness. Money is only a part of life, but a part which allows one a measure of freedom in life. Lack of it makes one less able to live life as one chooses. To have a powerful desire for money only promotes service to self in life. Meaningful notions of life become less important when money is the focus. This kicking out of notions of the greater good acts to minimize all in life.”

“Political service did not act to open me to light in life. Though my life was impactful, I did not live according to the rules of light. Many prospered under my reign, but many also sank into sanctimonious self-service. Lack of money among many also caused much suffering and woe. Politics offered no relief from money-woe for most. Most who prospered were those who worked politically to water their own gardens. This was the way of the world then, just as it is now. So, how does one live with such a minimizing power structure in place?”

“Ponder light, my friends, and the voice of God will answer. Millions of ponderers over ages of time have concluded this much: Money enslaves all who covet it in life.”

“Prosperity brings money in life to all who ask to be lifted in abundance. Life ideas of money-lack, vacant ideas of envy and neediness act to push away prosperity. Politics teaches us these limiting life notions only to keep us in lack and powerless. In enslaving us in our minds, they enslave us in life.”

“Kick out notions of lack, envy and neediness. Ponder light, abundance and gratitude. Free your minds in light and free your lives. No power can be wielded upon minds that are free in life. Ponder ideas in light to create abundance in life. No greater power exists that your power to create your own life! Mighty change happens when you embrace this light power. No life challenge can limit you if you choose to rise above it by claiming your power in light.”

“Politicians can try to control your life, but you alone hold that power. To know this is to be truly free. Promotion of light power is the single greatest threat to political power, thus life-minimizers must work to convince you of your powerlessness. These minimizing voices will always linger in the minds of most. Pondering in light will help to dissolve the fears put in place by those who desire to keep you enslaved. Open your minds in light and be free, my friends!”