Spirit Attachments & Hauntings

In my experiences as a medium, I have found that spirit attachments are quite common, so I thought I would add a page with information on this phenomenon.

What is a Spirit Attachment? The attachment of a non-physical being to a living person.  Most of the time, these non-physical beings are spirits of people who have lost their physical bodies, but resist passing from physical existence to the Light. When such a spirit connects with a living person, this spirit infuses the living person with it’s own emotions, usually negative. Emotions such as: Irritation, fury, hatred, fear, but also the spirit’s own instincts, desires, urges and/or passions lingering from their life.

Spirit attachment is very common. The living person often suffers because of it – they may feel sick, have headaches, stomach problems, inability to control thoughts,  may feel constantly cold, have problems with sight and hearing, difficulty concentrating and making decisions. In time, that person can even  become seriously ill, physically or mentally, and no therapy nor drugs seem to help.

The most common symptoms you may experience when you deal with spirit attachment:


Fatigue / lack of energy

     Unexplained negative emotions

Mental fogginess

Anxiety & panic attacks


Mood swings

Intrusive / Obsessive thoughts 

Relationship problems (constantly fighting with loved ones)

Concentration problems

Abdominal pains or headaches

Fears, phobias, obsessions


Some people are more susceptible to picking up spirits than others. There are many ways of unconsciously picking up spirits.  Spirits are attracted by our emotions and the energy we give off. Most people attract them when they experience powerful negative emotions during stressful life events, hold grudges, have feelings of guilt, use alcohol or drugs, grieve after a loved one has passed away, during illness when body is weakened, while communicating with ghosts through divination or while living in a haunted house. People raised in abusive environments are also more susceptible.

This may seem to hearken back to the days of “superstition” where “Witch Doctors” or Shamans treated mental and physical illness by exorcising the spirits of angry ancestors from the living, but through my own experience (limited though it may be as of yet) I think many emotional problems are caused by ghosts, and many physical symptoms too. These symptoms disappear when a spirit is removed. When ghosts are removed, people often describe the sensation feeling as if someone has removed a heavy weight from them; they finally feel free. They feel lighter, calmer, happier, sleep better, have more motivation to live, more energy, and clearer thinking.

How is a spirit attachment broken?

This is just my personal process that has developed through my experiences and through the guidance of my teachers in spirit. I know the popular depiction of a spirit removal is that of an exorcism. It’s quite elaborate and dramatic with a lot of cross-waving, holy water sprinkling and demands made in the name of Jesus. My process isn’t like that at all. My guides have taught me that spirits who are attached to the living are in need of healing. I heal them, and then they move into the Light. I don’t demand they leave or threaten them, but treat them with compassion and patience. I ask them if they will accept healing from me, and they always accept. Some are initially resistant, and may be rude or threatening, but I keep speaking to them about the Light and telling them that they are unconditionally loved, and eventually, they agree. The healing process I go through involves a prayer given to me by my guides and the sending of healing energy from me to them. When I do this, I focus on opening up my Heart Chakra and visualize a stream of energy flowing from that area into them. After a few moments, they move into the Light. Some pop back in to thank me, others just rush into Light and into the waiting care of their loved ones, spirit guides and angels.

How to avoid attachments?

I’m not sure attachments can be avoided. I do think that most resolve on their own, with the spirit eventually moving on, either to Light, or to another person. Remember that “like attracts like.” If you’re in a bad mood, or you’re falling into bad habits or addictions, or stressed out, or in a bad relationship, you will draw to you spirits with those same emotions, or who lived similar experiences in life. Those spirits attach to you because they identify with you, or your experience seems familiar to them, then a negative emotional energy loop forms between you and the spirit. Your negative energy makes them feel even more negative, and vice versa. You can break that negative energy loop by calming your mind and raising your positive energy with meditation. Send compassion, love and healing to yourself and any spirit that may be attached to you. In healing yourself, you will heal them too and they will move into the Light. Sometimes, however, the living person is just too weakened emotionally or physically to do this, or the spirit that is attached is especially virulent, and that is when help is needed in clearing the attachment.