If I’ve helped you with a reading, I would love to post your testimonial here. Please send it to me via the form on the Contact page. Thank you so much!

“Dear Jacquelyn,  A lot of efforts have been made by you to facilitate my life with your healing energy to make me feel better and happy. Everything is discerned about you and your love. I am so blessed to have your presence in my life. My house was haunted for such a extensive moment and how you healed me and my life. I am your real testimonial. And, in fact you could successfully help me even though I am India. I send my heart out and ask the universe to bless your life with happiness and success.” – Neeraj

“In my experience, Jacquelyn has usually been spot-on with her readings, answering not only what I have asked but also accurately perceiving and advising me on situations that I didn’t even bring up. Her readings are usually extremely specific and personal, delivering information that is far too precise to be generic advice. What I especially appreciate is that her readings are always delivered from a spiritual point of view rather than an earthly one. I’m truly grateful to have found her in my time of need.” – Bamby

“I’ve known Jackie and her family for years from my hometown. When I discovered from a mutual friend that Jackie had gotten in touch with her spirit guide, I reached out to see if she could help me because I had felt a drag on my mood. Recently, I had become a Ghost Tour Guide, and thought something might be following me around. Jackie took a look the very next day and detached a spirit that had been with me since childhood. That afternoon, before I found out she had taken care of the matter, I turned off the Netflix marathon, began applying for jobs and geeking out with computer science code on the web. I even made it to yoga! All I can say is wow. What an immediate difference! Her responses were made in a comforting manner with compassion as an all around great human. Thank you, Jackie!” – Susan

“I chose to do a past-life reading with Jacquelyn – to try to understand the dynamics of a current, very challenging relationship. The minute I started reading the email from her – it was like instant connection. EVERYTHING made sense. Alot of what was described totally explained why things are the way they are. More importantly, for some reason, after the reading, I felt a sense of liberation. Of freedom – and I felt as though whatever had bound me to this relationship no longer did so. I was free to leave if I chose or stay if I chose. Very liberating and definitely worth a try!” – S.L.

“I had Intuit444 do one spirit guide reading initially and it was so spot on! Some of the information provided I had already known about but the rest just nailed it. I was thoroughly impressed so I requested two more; one for my mother and one for my uncle. Both were incredibly accurate and explained some occurrences quite well. Will be back, thank you!” – P.K.

“Jacquelyn is great and I recommend anyone looking for an online reading choose her. She elaborates very well on the information she receives and is very thoughtful in the delivery. Thank you!” – Emily

“Wow. I had to read this like three times because I can’t get over how accurate this is and I honestly teared up.” – Victoria

“Jacquelyn gave me a reading in which she conveyed messages from angels & spirit guides, along with some information about past lives. It’s difficult to know for sure the accuracy of these kinds of readings, but I should mention that the messages conveyed did ring true for me and where I currently am in my life. When I wrote back to her about my thoughts on the reading, she was quick to respond. Her warm and positive personality really shines through in her readings and I would definitely recommend her if you’re looking for the types of readings I described above.” – Shannon

“I’ve had two general readings from Intuit444 within the past 5 months, and the readings were both far from being ‘general’. Because Intuit444 can directly contact your spirits, any advice or message you receive in the reading will not only be reflective and relevant, but also truthful. This is crucial, at least for me, as truth can be enigmatic if not completely altered by personal dis/belief. No doubt the reading serves as a reality check; it’s shed light on many areas in my life and has already prompted my journey to bettering myself. Highly recommended.” – G

“Jacquelyn did a wonderful job! She was very kind and told me a lot that really resonated with me. Jacquelyn, thank you so much for the wonderful experience!” – Lindsey

“I am blown away with how much her reading resonated with me! Jacquelyn truly has a gift, and I could not be more appreciative!” – Amy

“Jacquelyn provided me with a reading that resonated very deeply with me. I have been struggling in a career that I feel does not suit me and my guides, and ultimately, Jacquelyn, were able to identify where I would actually find happiness in a career. The reading was very accurate and very profound. It opened my eyes to what I should be pursuing instead. Many thanks.” – Mandy

“I received a reading from Jacquelyn and was amazed at how much it resonates with me. The reading described my personality traits to an incredibly accurate degree. I have been stuck in a rut for a while now and I genuinely feel motivated to now pursue my ambitions. All in all the reading was incredibly detailed and reaffirming. I believe Jacquelyn has an incredible gift and I feel so much better for having done this. Thank you Jacquelyn!” – Gavin

“I got a reading from Jacquelyn during a very difficult time in my life, and her reading truly resonated with me and touched me deeply. It actually brought me to tears. She was able to contact my spirit guides, and although I was skeptical in the beginning whether spirit guides and angels exist, she brought up something very personal in the reading that I haven’t told anyone about. Through her advice and my spirit guides’ advice, I am doing much better.” – Susie

“Jacquelyn read me recently and it has been something I really just needed. This was my first ever reading that has been done on me. And I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Her reading was very powerful, it resonated strongly with me and I hold it to be true. Jacquelyn, I am forever in her debt, for she has helped me so. let her help you as she has done for me.” – James