Types of Readings

So you’re thinking about requesting a reading, but not quite sure which one to get? Here’s a little information on each type of reading I do and what you can expect.

These readings are all done remotely. I work in a semi-trance state, which means that I am in a state of meditation and receive the information through a telepathic connection to spirit. I don’t often do in-person readings because of the level of concentration I must maintain during the reading. Sometimes the information can come through quite slowly, one word at a time, which can make for a very boring show for anyone in attendance. I dictate the messages as they come into a digital recorder and then transcribe the session into a text document. You do not need to set aside time to focus on anything while the reading is being done, no special steps are needed for me to connect with your energy. You can supply me with a face picture, however, as that seems to help me solidify a connection.

Free Reading  *One per client, please.

I offer a free reading which consists of a 1 or 2 paragraph message from your guides, or whoever comes through for you in spirit.

One Specific Question Reading – $20

This type of reading allows you to ask one specific question and I will offer that question up to spirit and relay the answer to you. But please do not make important life decisions based on a prediction from spirit. In my experience, the future is fluid and the answer that you receive one day may be affected by your decisions at any time after that. The prediction you receive from spirit is based only on the conditions of your situation at the moment I ask the question. It can be a fun type of reading, though, because it will give you insight into where your situation stands at that point in time. Sometimes the answers are surprising.

General Reading – $50  Includes:

  • 1 card Tarot pull with insight into its meaning.
  • Insight into your life or situation from spirit, with a focus on any specific area you’d like addressed. Impressions from my spirit assistants regarding your current situation, mental and physical well-being, and any messages that come through from spirits connected to you either in this life or a past life.

This type of reading is not as long or in-depth as a full reading – it usually takes me about a half-hour, plus the time to prepare the reading as a written document for you to keep –  but it acts as a nice update for those who have already had a full reading done, or just want some spiritual insight on what may be going on in their lives in general.

Full Reading – $100  Includes:

  • 3 card Tarot pull with insight into its meaning
  • Insight from spirit into your current life as well as life purpose with a focus on any specific area you’d like addressed, including up to 3 specific questions.
  • A message from your spirit guides
  • An Aura check-up and healing, including removal of any attachments if found.

This reading is a longer version of the general reading, plus incorporates the aura check, attachment removal and healing. It takes approximately one hour, plus the time to prepare the reading as a written document for you to keep.  You will receive a variety of information in this reading from all sources open to me in spirit, from insight into life, to spiritual advice, sometimes predictions. Every reading is different, but you can steer the focus to the area you’re most interested in having covered. I will also cover your aura, send healing to any areas where it is needed and remove any attachments I may find.

Past Life Reading – $50

A past life reading is when I look at one of your past lives. I can tell you if you were a man or woman, where and when you lived, the joys or struggles you had in that life, how you died and at what age. Sometimes I get names, but many times not. The meat of the reading really focuses on the particular life circumstance or challenge that holds relevance to your life today.

I channel these readings through my guide, Primia. He looks at your Akashic Record and chooses a life that holds some relevance or lesson that you can benefit from in this life. Sometimes there’s energetic residue lingering from that past life that may be causing nagging sleep, emotional, or health issues that don’t seem to have any other cause. If there is, he will point that out. After he tells you about the past life, he explains how looking at this life is relevant for you now and gives any advice he feels you could benefit from.

You’ll notice when you receive your typed-up reading that the word choices and sentence structure may sometimes seem a bit odd or archaic. That’s because I channel directly from Primia and use his word choices, which are not as smoothly aligned to our modern ears.  He’s very good at what he does, however, and I think you’ll find his information relevant and insightful.

Aura Checkup – $25

My guide Primia will connect with your energy and share with me the condition of your aura. It’s color, any “dim” spots, which can be the first indicators of an illness or issue that may manifest in the physical body, and whether or not you have any spirit attachments.

Spirit attachments are quite common. Do you have unexplained mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, headaches or stomach troubles, depression, intrusive, negative or obsessive thoughts? You may have an attachment. Thankfully, they are usually easy for me to remove. For more information on attachments, click the menu link with that heading. My method for removing attachments is to perform a healing on them. It is a loving, gentle act of healing, not an exorcism-type ritual. These spirits are attached to the living because they are in need of healing. Once healed, they will move happily into the Light, and no longer be a drain on your energy or a negative influence on you in general.

Long-distance House Energy Checkup – $25

Do you think you may have some spirits haunting your home? Hearing unexplained noises, feeling as if you’re being watched? Are your pets acting strangely? Is there a lot of negative emotional energy in the house that’s affecting you and others living there? I will connect to your home’s energy, through my guide Primia, and locate any ghosts that may be attached to it or someone in the home. If there are, I will perform healing on them and cross them into the Light.

In-Person Home Clearing – $50 per hour, plus mileage

If you live in the North Iowa / Southern Minnesota Area and would like to talk to me about doing an in-person home clearing, please feel free to contact me here.Contact

Spirit Guide Reading – $75

If you choose to have a spirit guide reading, I will connect with your spirit guides. I will tell you what form of being they are: Angelic, a human spirit, or some other type of ascended light being. If they identify with a name, I will get that for you, but not all do. Names are essentially meaningless to them, but they realize that we humans find it easier to connect with a name, so they’ll provide one. I will communicate with each one of your guides who step forward and tell you what their purpose is, what they are focusing on right now in your life and any advice or messages they have for you.

Most people have multiple guides, and most guides focus on a particular area in your life, like your health and well-being, your spiritual growth, your protection, or the mundane aspects of your life, like romance and career. Your number of guides can range from 2 to 6 or more, but most people seem to have 3 or 4.

A spirit guide reading is like connecting with your life teachers. They know you better than anyone. Some have been with you your entire life and will be with you until you pass back into spirit. They can be angels, human spirits who are connected to you somehow – maybe in past lives or they are members of your soul family – even spirits of beings from other planes of existence or other planets who have never incarnated on earth, but are ascended spiritually and choose to help us on our soul’s journey towards ascension. It seems the spirit world holds a wide variety of beings, just as our world has many cultures. However, I only connect with beings of the Light, no lower energy spirits like ghosts. You will receive loving advice and observations, although sometimes it can be quite blunt. If they see you are off track, they will tell you without mincing words.

Don’t be surprised with any reading if you feel a deep sense of knowing that the words are true, or an emotional reaction, like the welling up of tears. I get that reaction from people quite often. Your mind may not consciously remember your past lives, but your soul does. And your mind may be telling you you’re living the only way you can, but your soul knows something is missing and there’s a better way.

I’ve benefited so greatly since my guides have become a part of my life and I want to share that experience with others. I hope your reading is the first step toward you living your best life!