Some great links to check out!

My channelings of Plato are now available to read on Sananda, which is a site dedicated to the channelings of higher dimensions. Plato provides a new message for the site each week. I hope you check them out! Plato Channelings  –  SEANN VINYASA-BILLSON, a clairvoyant, clairaudient & clairsentient intuitive. I have gotten readings from Seann and can vouch for her abilities. Her readings are detailed, accurate and her delivery is engaging and easy to understand. A very talented reader!

MeditateWithFernando A page for profound meditations and powerful tools for spiritual development. Fernando is a talented psychic medium and healer. I have used his services, and through them made some profound improvements in my life. Whether you’re looking for a reading, healing, or guided meditations, you’ll find that and more on his site.